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Connor Rhiel

Connor Rhiel is a sports reporter at 13News Now
Connor Rhiel

Connor Rhiel joined 13News Now in March 2016 as a photojournalist, adding sports reporter to his title by the middle of 2017.

Connor graduated form Virginia Tech after he managed to convince the school and his parents to let him stay there for five years.

Speaking of his parents, Connor says they are the "GOAT" (Greatest of All Times) and that he owes 97 percent of what he has accomplished to their love and guidance.

He attributes two percent of his success to his little brother and friends. That leaves one percent for Lebron James, who taught him "far more than Kobe Bryant ever could."

Connor is a fan (in no particular order) of: Kanye West, Game of Thrones, the Philadelphia Eagles, mango-flavored things, Always Sunny, old Eminem (and SOME new), black Nike socks, EDM, bottled water and Kanye West a second time, in that order.

Connor is a realist with idealistic tendencies. In his spare time he enjoys considering going to the gym, but never actually making there.

You can email Connor here.

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