CHARLOTTE, N.C. – There is a push to stop production on a Charlotte-based reality TV show.

The show is called “The Real SideChicks of Charlotte" and there’s an online petition to stop the social media sensation from ever being seen on television. The petition says the show sends the wrong message from the Queen City.

The so-called “side chicks” have been seen all over Charlotte, and they’re letting it all hang out for some likes and ratings they hope in the next couple of weeks.

Breana Venable is one of the hundreds of people who have signed the petition to keep “The Real SideChicks” from ever appearing on TV.

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“My message is stop. We don’t need this in Charlotte,” said Venable. “We don’t need this in our country, we don’t need this in the black community.”

The show features scantily clad women having sex with married men and fighting for anything they want. The show, which producers say is waiting on its final edits, is already an online hit with more than 100,000 followers on Instagram.

“But do we have to continue to watch black women fighting on television? Do we have to continue to watch black women allowing themselves to be used by other people? Venable asked.

Producers haven’t said exactly where in Charlotte they’ve been filming, but social media posts indicate they’re hitting hot spots like the Epicentre in uptown and jetting off to lavish destinations. Online speculation is a video streaming service may air the show set to debut as early as next month.

Venable, who is a theater teacher in Charlotte, says this type of message sends the wrong message to young women.

“To the ones that say, “Censorship, let them do what they want,” I want them to look at the bigger picture,” she said. “Because TV is such a big way to impress on our young people. This is the easiest form of entertainment they can see.”

The online petition is aimed to get Mayor Vi Lyles’ attention, and hopefully use her power to stop the show from going forward. It’s unclear where Lyles stands on the planned show.