VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. — We are highlighting not only great things across Hampton Roads, but things that are unique and worth your time and money.

A restaurant owner in Virginia Beach and Norfolk has a place for you, inspired by the Tiki boom of the 1930s.

Auntie’s Tiki Bar and Restaurant on Holland Road celebrates Hawaiian, Filipino and Polynesian culture with authentic décor and flavor-packed dishes.

We tried the ‘Spicy Sisig,’ a popular Filipino dish with pork belly, lime and serrano peppers served with a fried egg and rice.

“…we’ll bring the paradise to you,” said owner Doddie Braza.

Braza has two locations- the Holland Road spot in Virginia Beach and Auntie’s Norfolk off of Colley Ave in Norfolk.

Auntie’s is also well-known for its real-deal Tiki drinks using premium liquor that pays tribute to the Hollywood-era Tiki bars of the 1930s.