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Friday Flavor: Cure Coffeehouse

In 2011, two local businessmen opened the first Cure, spurred on by a perfect pastrami Reuben sandwich. Since then, they've done nothing but grow.

NORFOLK, Va. — Cure started over dinner between friends. 

"We made homemade pastrami Reuben sandwiches at home one idle April afternoon in 2010, and it was like the best sandwich we have ever made," owner Chris Shelton said.

After making the sandwich of a lifetime, he and his business partner knew they had something special. 

"At first bite, it was the lightbulb moment," he added.

Plans started forming, and Shelton said it wasn't easy, but they started brainstorming.

"We just got the wheels turning, found this location on a cobblestone street," he smiled. 

That cobblestone street, Botetourt, is a familiar one that runs through Norfolk. Shelton told 13News Now that he knew Norfolk was the place to be. 

"Here in the most dense section of Hampton Roads, there was no coffee within walking distance, so we thought we would add coffee. Henceforth we had coffee and pastrami as our staple," he said. 

In 2011, they opened the first Cure. Since then, they have done nothing but grow. 

They opened their second location in Smithfield. 

"My business partner and I both grew up in Smithfield and graduated from Smithfield high school," he said, explaining that Smithfield was a "must" location. 

They recently opened a location in Portsmouth, on High Street. They're looking forward to adding a fourth one, in Newport News, in the coming months.

They want to expand as much as possible, but they know they have limits.

"We will just take it in stride one day at a time, one step at a time," Shelton said. 

That's they handle the food too. They smoke their pastrami and chicken in-house, creating the best-tasting sandwich. Try their classic pastrami Reuben (the one that started in Shelton's kitchen), or give the Turkey and Fig a try! 

Also a popular pick? Their smoked chicken salad sandwich.

If you're not in the mood for food, definitely grab a cup of coffee! 

When it comes to their brew, Shelton said consistency is key. They only serve one brand from Durham, North Carolina: Counter Culture Coffee.

"Their coffee is exclusive here in our store. We do not do anything but Counter Culture coffee," Shelton said. 

This partnership is a big deal for him, and it means a lot to the product because Counter Culture trains the Cure staff on how to make that perfect cup of coffee, and then take it to the next level. 

"The staff is trained in the same way, according to the latest science of brewing coffee, and interestingly enough, that has changed in the last 12 years," Shelton said. 

Just know you're getting the scientifically perfect cup of joe every time!

Their latte flavors are show-stoppers. They sport flavors like honey cinnamon, lavender mocha, blood orange, and the innovative list goes on and on. If coffee isn't your thing, that's okay! Try a cup of their tea, too! Their flavors are unique and delicious.

It's not all about the flavors. The atmosphere is incredible too. Welcoming, comfortable and clean. 

Shelton told 13News Now that the food, the staff, and the buildings are great, but what makes this place is who steps inside.

"You, the customers, the staff, everybody who walks in the door with a passion for coffee and community," he said.

Cure has three locations in Norfolk, Smithfield, and Portsmouth, with a fourth location in Newport News opening soon.

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