You brush your teeth every day right?

I hope so.

But what about your dog?

“So 80% of bacteria in the mouth is not on the teeth, it is actually on the tongue. Regular cleaning of the tongue may help reduce disease-causing bacteria, reduce bad breath, stimulate the production of saliva leading to healthier teeth and gum,” Nadeen from Care-A-Lot said.


You heard it right there, 80 percent! Of course, oral care for your dogs and cats is essential to their overall well being but did you know there are simple things you can do to ensure that they are cared for all year long and not just at vet visits?

There’s a whole bunch of products designed to do just that and we paid a visit to see just how they work at Care-A-Lot.

“What’s unique about these is the bowls have nubs so as your dog or your cat because we do have the cat bowls as your dog is eating their meal they are licking and cleaning their tongue,” Nadeen explains.


OK, we have this problem at home with one of our three dogs. He is always licking something, either the couch, a pillow, the rug. We couldn’t figure out why, just thought he was, you know, weird, until now.

It’s a calming behavior.

If your dog does the same, check out this product: Licking mats!

“Will soothe and relax your pet. You can also put soft food in here, peanut butter, non-fat, sugar-free yogurt, and provide this toy or just a boredom buster." Nadeen said.

Expert tip, you can use broths and freeze these so they can become like a popsicle treats.