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Virginia Beach businesswoman to give out $26,260 to 13 female business owners

Angela Reddix says she wants to help women believe in their business ventures despite closures by providing 13 grants of $2,020 each.

NORFOLK, Va. — Angela Reddix says she can empathize; she remembers the challenges of trying to grow and succeed as a small business owner.

“I am that small business, I am that woman that - 13 years ago - had a micro-business," Reddix said. "I know the feeling of not knowing how you're going to make ends meet."

Reddix said she will give out 13 grants of $2,020 each to female business owners in Virginia. The application is now available on her website.

“I would not be where I am today had it not been for those who believe in my vision or my dream," she said. "I believe sometimes it’s just seeing that there’s a helping hand that [gives] you the ability to move forward.”

Reddix, the owner of healthcare management and IT consulting firm ARDX, said she was inspired to give when she saw how many people were struggling to get small business loans and collect unemployment benefits.

“They may not have been able to get funds from the [Paycheck Protection Program], or unemployment, so hopefully this will hold them over until they’re able to get to another place," Reddix said.

Reddix also runs Envision Lead Grow, a nonprofit entrepreneurship and mentoring program. She said she wants to help mentor businesswomen who are selected for the donations.

“Don’t be paralyzed by these times, continue to dream, continue to believe," she said.

To receive money, Reddix said she's looking for a short video that tells the story of each business. Businesses need to be registered in Virginia with an employer identification number. Reddix said she will give to business owners throughout the state, but she has a close connection to Hampton Roads.

A panel will help review applications and Reddix said the selections will be announced starting on May 1, with the money being distributed in early May as well.

"Certainly, I can find something else personally to do with $26,000, but I believe it’s going to go so much further when we pay it forward and my faith tells me that when you give it comes back to you in so many ways," Reddix said.

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