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Revisit Your Resolution: Financial Fitness

At six weeks into the New Year, don't feel defeated about not sticking to your resolution to get on track.
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NORFOLK, Va. (WVEC) - Many people made a resolution to get financially fit for the New Year, and that meant getting out of debt.

If you're still struggling, don't give up, because you can always pick up again today to reach your goal.

We all know that we have to pay off our obligations in order to become financially independent, but perhaps knowing where you money is supposed to go will help you achieve your goal.

According to numbers from USAA, you should spend according to the following numbers to properly balance your money.

  • Housing 25-36%
  • Food (Groceries, Restaurants) 10-15%
  • Healthcare co-pays & Deductibles 5%
  • Transportation (Insurance, loan payments, fuel, repairs, fees) 10-15%
  • Entertainment (Fun, travel) 5%
  • Personal Care/Clothing (Clothing, shoes, hair, makeup, laundry, dry cleaning) 5%
  • Miscellaneous (Cash, dies, subscriptions, general merchandise, gifts, pets, fees, other) 10-15%
  • Charitable Giving (Charity, church, other) 5-10%
  • Debt Payments (Credit cards, loads) 5%
  • Insurance Premiums (Life, Health, Dental and other insurance) 5%
  • Saving for goals 5%

"It's that old saying: 'Today in the first day of the rest of your life,'" said John Piscitelli, senior vice president of of investments Davenport & Company in Virginia Beach.

When it comes to attacking which debt payment to pay off first, focus on the high-interest credit cards.

"You'll save dollars in interest rates if you if you pay that off first."

Then there is the absolutely essential must when your make a plan to get out of debt that can seem overwhelming at first, but it is now much easier that it has ever been when it comes to putting on together.

"Right now, there are a lot of great apps and programs that help people keep track of that kind of thing," Piscitelli told us.

He has his personal favorite, but there are plenty to chose from on the market right now.

The "Mint" app, for instance, will link all your accounts, from banks to mutual funds, automatically track your spending and then build a pie chart to show where your money is spent

"I think the important thing is committing to it, focusing on the vision of that end game, but working towards it slowly and just making sure you're going in the right direction."

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