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Tito's Handmade Vodka is the top-selling spirit from Virginia ABC stores in 2022

Virginians spent more than $1 billion on their favorite liquors at Virginia ABC stores.

NORFOLK, Va. — As people in Hampton Roads grab some last-minute spirits for New Year’s Eve celebrations, 13News Now looked into the top purchased liquors at Virginia ABC stores this year.

“We sold $1.23 billion of product in calendar year 2022, which is a 2.6 % increase over last calendar year," said Virginia ABC spokesman Pat Kane.

Virginia ABC spokesman Pat Kane said throughout 2022, Tito’s Handmade Vodka flew off the shelves, making it their best-selling individual product this year.  

“For our top five best-selling individuals products at Virginia ABC this year, we had three different sizes of Tito’s handmade vodka," Kane said. "The 1.75 liter in first place, the one liter size in second place and the 750 ml in fifth place.”

He said Tito’s 1.75 liter bottles brought in about $25 million in sales.

Virginians switched up their purchases when it comes to the third and fourth-place winners.

“Patron Silver Tequila came in third and Hennessey Cognac came in fourth place," Kane said.

Kane said vodka is Virginia ABC’s most-sold category of spirits this year, followed by Tequila, straight bourbon whisky, cordials and rum.

“Patron was the leader in the Tequila category, Patron Silver, Hennessey VS led the cognac category," Kane said.

And there are a few spirits Virginians didn’t put in their carts very often.

“Our smallest selling products were Rock and Rye and corn whisky with both under $400,000 of sales," Kane said. “Eggnog sold more than $1.5 million, so several times as much as both of those categories.”

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