WASHINGTON — The United States District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia is being impacted by the partial government shutdown.

The court order issued Wednesday says the court will continue with anything absolutely necessary that is required by Article III in the Constitution.

 However, all activities that are considered non-excepted will be suspended until "appropriations are made."

The Court will need to limit the number of staff, which means furloughs will be carried out.

Below is the court order in response to the shutdown, written by Chief District Judge Mark Davis:

Rutter Mills Personal Injury Attorney Erik Porcaro said the courts will slow down as the shutdown wears on.

"The courts will do their best to stay open for as long as possible," said Porcaro. "Slowly some workers may be furloughed, and once they get furloughed, you’ll see things slow down to a glacial pace.”

Porcaro said civil court cases will be impacted before criminal court cases, as defendants have a right to a speedy trial in criminal cases.

“If something has to stop, the civil docket will stop first and the criminal docket will continue but at a slower rate," he said.

Employees at the clerk's office inside the Federal District Court said they don't know when employees will be furloughed or how many employees will be furloughed. They also said they don't know which parts of the court system are considered "essential" and will continue without government funding.

A release on the United States Courts website says federal courts have enough money to operate through January 31 but cuts will come in February if the shutdown is still active. 

The United States District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia has courts in Alexandria, Norfolk, Richmond, and Newport News.

Click here for more information from the United States District Court Eastern District of Virginia.