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Eggleston opens new laundry facility, will employ 60 disabled workers

A non-profit company is opening an industrial laundry facility in Portsmouth that will employ disabled adults.

PORTSMOUTH, Va. (WVEC) — A non-profit company is opening an industrial laundry facility that will provide jobs for more than 60 disabled adults.

Eggleston Services and local leaders cut the ribbon for the facility on 7th street in Portsmouth Tuesday.

Workers will process more than 7 million pounds of laundry each year.

Eggleston’s CEO Paul Atkinson said this facility could do a family of four’s laundry for a year in just six minutes.

The non-profit is increasing the number of jobs for disabled adults in the Portsmouth area.

"We have to appreciate what this facility will be to that population in this area and this is a good step in the right direction toward closing the gap," said Denny Wance, Eggleston’s chairman of the Board of Directors.

Eggleston has contracts to provide laundry services for regional businesses and federal partners, such as the Portsmouth Naval hospital and different military bases.

About 75 percent of Eggleston employees have disabilities and laundry cycles will begin soon.