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Critical Race Theory: What's the truth and why are we talking about this now?

The "Critical Race Theory" debate spotlights how education drives dialogue about race and justice. 13News Now investigates the reality and misconceptions about CRT.

Evan Watson

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Published: 6:24 PM EDT August 2, 2021
Updated: 6:41 PM EDT August 4, 2021

Education is at the heart of America’s discussions about race and justice. This summer, an intense public debate has focused on "Critical Race Theory" and its alleged place in public schools.

Despite pressing COVID-19 related concerns in bringing students back to school this fall, school divisions and lawmakers across the country are focused on addressing "CRT" in public education, even though it is not even taught in public classrooms.

So, how did an academic and legal theory created in the 1970s and 1980s morph into a catchall phrase at the center of America’s examination of systemic racism? 

13News Now Investigates is sharing a 3-part series on Critical Race Theory from Monday, August 2 to Wednesday, August 4. The reports will run in the 6 p.m. newscasts and this story will be updated with more information each day.

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