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Colonial Parkway Murders 30 years later: David Knobling

 “It's hard not having someone to blame. You took my brother, you know, somebody to be mad at, angry at.”

They say "time heals all wounds," but for the families of the eight people killed in what's known as the "Colonial Parkway Murders" three decades hasn't offered much solace. This week marks the thirtieth anniversary of one of those cases -- the violent killings of Robin Edwards and David Knobling.

Thirty years later, the case has not been solved. Now, David's brother is speaking out on his search for answers.

For Mike Knobling, his garage is a second home of sorts. It's not just because it's a glorified man cave, complete with a TV surround sound system and any tool he could ever want.

There is one tool out of his entire collection that has become a cherished possession.

“Yup, the Snap-On ¾ inch little box in,” Mike showed us. “This was David's wrench. It's the only one I have of his.”

David is Mike's brother, who was taken from his family in a brutal and mysterious killing in 1987. The eldest Knobling was a "gear-head." Mike followed his brother's footsteps to the garage.

“I spend a lot of time talking to David out here,” Mike explained. “This is where I think of him. This is where I feel him.”

A thirty-year absence hasn't diminished the bond of brothers.

“I miss him,” Mike cried. “I miss him very much.”

David missed out on most of Mike's life and Mike still isn't sure exactly what happened.

“It's hard,” Mike lamented. “It's hard not having someone to blame. You took my brother, you know, somebody to be mad at, angry at.”

On September 19, 1987, the brothers went out with their cousin and Robin Edwards. Mike and David went back to their mom's house. The younger brother remembers their last moments together clearly.

“We sat out in the driveway smoking a cigarette and then he left and I actually got to say 'bye' because he was pulling out of the driveway as I was going back in,” he recalled. “That was the last time I'd seen him.”

David met up with Robin again. A couple days later his truck was found abandoned. Two days after that, their bodies were found at Ragged Island Wildlife Refuge in Isle of Wight. Both had been shot to death.

“It was horrendous,” Mike grieved. “The worst day of my life for sure.”

The night David and Robin were at Ragged Island it was raining heavily. There was concern any evidence at the crime scenes would have been washed away.

So, Mike has pretty much given up hope any evidence or the investigation will ever lead to an arrest. The FBI and Virginia State Police are working this case, the killing of a couple the year before and two other double-homicides in the next two years together, as the "Colonial Parkway Murders."

Mike told us communication with authorities dropped off as the years went on. Still, he hopes State Police, the lead agency in his brother's case, won't give up.

In the meantime, in the absence of answers, he finds solace in his garage and his memories.

“That ten minutes we spent on the driveway has comforted me for the last thirty years,” he added. “No question about it.”

State Police told 13News Now:

“There currently is no physical evidence to link the State Police and the FBI unsolved homicide cases. Due to the similarities of the homicides, our agencies continue to coordinate and communicate, working together on possible leads and eliminating suspects. This is an ongoing investigation.”

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