NORFOLK, Va., (WVEC) -- This week on Daybreak we’re helping you discover yourself through DNA test kits. Some of them promise to tell you which exercise you should be doing and what vitamins you should take.

Iisha Scott tried one of those tests.

That’s right. I used Vitagene. It also told me which foods I should eat — all based on my DNA.

I was very surprised by my results.

Very similar to other DNA kits, you’ll have to swab your mouth and mail in your saliva sample.

The instructions were fairly easy. It took about one month from the time we ordered the kit to the time I received the results.

So, here’s what my report shows for supplements: magnesium, zinc, and vitamin B complex.

For diet: blackberries, snapper, and seaweed.

Vitagene gives you a target number of calories to burn per week. For me, it is 700 per week.

There’s also an online calculator that helps you figure out how many times per week you need to do certain exercises to meet that goal.

Here's my recommended exercise regimen:

Yoga - 5 times a week

Tennis – 2 times a week

Boxing – once a week

An added bonus – Vitagene also provides an ancestry report: Here’s my breakdown.

66.32% Africa

30.95% Europe

1.3% America

1.14% Jewish

<1% asia="">

A basic health report from Vitagene will run you about $50.

The test that includes an ancestry report is $99.