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Haunted Hampton Roads | Fort Monroe in Hampton

The 565-acre structure is known for its rich history, but have you ever heard of the "permanent residents" that haunt it?

HAMPTON, Va. — Fort Monroe is the largest stone fort built in the U.S., dating all the way back to the 1830s.

Visitors pass through this structure daily; however, this isn't a story about the fort’s visitors. It's a story bout the "permanent residents" that haunt it.

“People hear and feel and see things pretty much everywhere here at the fort," said Aaron Whittington, the director of special events at the Fort Monroe Authority and the producer of the Fort Monroe ghost walk.

The Lady in White

There’s a long list of legends weaved in with the fort's history. According to Whittington, one spirit, in particular, is spotted quite frequently. It’s a Civil War-era apparition known as the "Lady in White."

Whittington said the Lady in White lived on the fort with her husband, who was an army officer. As the legend goes, while her husband was away for work, the Lady in White "found love in the arms of a much younger man," according to Whittington.

"Well her husband came home and found them together. And this upset him obviously and he proceeded to shoot both the woman and her lover,” Whittington said.

According to the legend, the Lady in White continues to wander around the fort at night, looking for her lost love.

“Individuals will come out, they’ll take pictures of houses and she’ll appear in the windows of the pictures when they get them back, or when they look at their phone,” Whittington said.

So if you’re creeping around Fort Monroe at night, make sure to snap a few photos. And keep an eye out for the Lady in White.

The Moat Monster

The tale of the Moat Monster has circled around the fort for many, many years, according to Whittington.

As the tale goes, an army officer was on his way home when he saw something peculiar in the water while crossing the footbridge. 

"There was something swimming down the moat towards the footbridge... it was larger than a fish," Whittington said.

The unknown creature was reportedly crisscrossing quickly across the moat and just before it reached the footbridge, it disappeared under the water. 

"He's the only one to have seen it. So, we wonder whether he had too much fun at the officer's club or if he possibly did really see a moat monster that has ended outside in the bay," Whittington said.

Fort Monroe Ghost Walks

The Fort Monroe Authority has held ghost walks for seven years. This year, the walks are sold out, but Whittington said tickets tend to go on sale in mid-September. So, keep your eyes out for 2023!

"Get your tickets earlier!" Whittington laughed.

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