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Newport News community responds after three teens shot at high school football game

Newport News police said they treated a 14-year-old, who had been shot in the parking lot of Todd Stadium. Two other victims were found near the stadium.

NEWPORT NEWS, Va. — Newport News police are responding to reports of a shooting at Todd Stadium Friday night.

Police said they found a 14-year-old shot in the parking lot of Todd Stadium and two 19-year-olds on Hidenwood Drive near the stadium. All three victims have non-life threatening injuries.

The victims were taken to a local hospital for further treatment.

Police dispatchers said the call for a shooting at the stadium came in at 9:34 p.m.

Officers have crime scene tape up at the entrance to the stadium and around the corner at Hidenwood Drive. They are still investigating both scenes.

"I'm very concerned about this shooting and the close proximity in an area to have the number of kids," Newport News Police Chief Steve Drew said. He was at the game before the shots were fired.

"I try to come out and catch every one of these football games. I enjoy walking both sides of the stadium and talking to the parents, fans, interacting with the coaches as much as I can," Chief Drew continued. "It's a great concern to me, as it should be to everyone, that this happened in this proximity at the time of night."

Officers told 13News Now there are several different crime scenes.

According to Twitter, Woodside High School and Denbigh High School played a rivalry game at the stadium Friday night.

Neighbors told 13News Now that several people were shot after the football game at Todd Stadium.

Police said they don't have any suspect information yet.

There is no further information.

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