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Racist flyers found on cars in Norfolk neighborhood

Members with a white supremacist organization put 40 flyers on cars in Norfolk's Roland Park neighborhood.
Credit: 13News Now

NORFOLK, Va. — People living in the Roland Park neighborhood in Norfolk are in complete shock.

Dozens of them found flyers their cars Monday night into Tuesday morning. The message read “No ‘N’ words, no Jews, the Mexicans must go too, help us stop race mixing.”

The flyers are credited to a white supremacist organization whose prime directive is the prosperity of their race. 

One of the flyers ended up on Jimmy and Whitley Richards’ truck.

“I was disgusted by it,” Whitley Richard said. 

“The word that comes to mind is pure ignorance. There's no room for that,” Jimmy Richards echoed.

The Richardses said they found flyers on several cars on their street. They grabbed them and ripped them up. 

The president of the organization owned up to the act Tuesday afternoon. Eddie McBride said it was meant to be provocative and controversial.

“We're tired, we've had enough,” McBride said. “If five white guys attacked one black person it's a hate crime. If five black people attacked on white person, it's assault.”

McBride said members with the local chapter put out 40 flyers in the neighborhood. He claimed minorities aren’t fighting for equality but superiority, and that his organization is pushing back against it. 

“There's this thing called systemic racism, I would argue it doesn't exist,” McBride said. “We don't have a history month, white entertainment television. If we did it would be considered evil and racist.”

McBride said his organization is a law-abiding group, and it does not support, endorse, or condone acts of violence. Anyone who engages in illegal criminal activity will be dismissed and their membership will be terminated, he said.

“Everything we do is a response to the left,” McBride said. “Any leftist group that promotes superiority over everyone else.”

The Richardses said there's no room for hate speech.

"If they want to have a conversation, I'm open, but I'm not open to hateful message on a windshield,” Richards said. “That's cowardly.”

13News Now reached out to the Norfolk Police Department Tuesday afternoon to find out if it was investigating or had any other information about the flyers. Several hours later, we hadn't heard back from anyone.

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