VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. — City workers were out at Ashville Park in Virginia Beach Friday morning, taking water samples.

Public Works officials said the water quality tests were being done because the community is concerned about what's in the local pond.

The sampling is part of the Ashville Bridge Creek Stormwater Quality Monitoring Project. Testing the samples will help leaders better understand what exactly is in the water, such as how much fertilizer is present.

Crews aren't just testing at Ashville Park. They will be out testing 13 different sites throughout the city.

Water Quality Manager Tara Gallagher says this isn't the only time of year the city is testing the water.

"We are also doing it during the wet weather conditions as well, so right now we wanted to get out there," Gallagher said. "We wanted to take our water quality monitoring samples. We began our efforts and we may amend the report we are going to generate."

Gallagher said the water quality report should be completed by May.