NORFOLK, Va. (WVEC) — Do you have a home or business security camera system? Well, the Norfolk Police Department needs your help. The department is using an old tool used to help fight crime but with a new spin on it. The Norfolk Police Department is launching a program called the Virtual Neighborhood Watch.

The Virtual Neighborhood Watch allows residents and business owners who have security camera system in their property to register their address with police. Corporal William Pickering said it’s their way of using technology to help fight crime.

“The Norfolk Police Department wants to take advantage of technology. We understand that we can’t be everywhere that we want to be all the time, so taking advantage of technology helps us do our job. We want to know what our residents saw, we want to see what our business owner’s technology captured,” said Pickering.

If a crime happens in a neighborhood, officers can check their Virtual Neighborhood Watch Database and ask residents to check their security videos for evidence that may help them solve a crime. Police will not have access to your registered security camera feed.

“We are going to ask for basic information. We are going to encourage you to share where your cameras are located throughout your property so we can understand where those cameras are angled at,” said Pickering.

Police said the information provided will remain private. If you’d like more information on the Virtual Neighborhood Watch Program you can visit the NPD website.