WILLIAMSBURG, Va. — Monty Mason is now facing scrutiny from students at his alma mater.

In the 1989 edition of the College of William & Mary's yearbook, Colonial Echo, a caption describes a "slave auction" fundraiser held by Mason's fraternity, Pi Lambda Phi. Although some people may find the name of the event insensitive or offensive, especially given the history of slavery in Virginia and the United States, there are no racist images or depictions connected to the fundraiser.

Mason is pictured and named on his fraternity's page alongside the mention of the auction and another fundraiser.

According to The Flat Hat, William & Mary's student-run newspaper,  audience members would bid money on the fraternity's pledges. The pledges would then have to do an hour of hard labor for their highest bidder.

The Flat Hat stated students said they are disappointed and disturbed by the news and condemn Mason's action.

According to the student paper,  students leaders of The Young Democrats said he would not be invited to the organization's future events and called on him to resign.

Two students are sponsoring a resolution called the Higher Standards Resolution, in which Governor Northam's past with blackface is addressed, as part of the College's Student Assembly according to the paper.