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ODU's WIRC works mind and muscles

The Wellness Institute and Research Center provides participants more than just exercise

NORFOLK, Va. — The Student and Recreation Center at Old Dominion is surrounded by university based activity. The hustle and bustle of college life engulfs a state of the art fitness facility, providing students with a place to workout in the midst of their social stimulation. 

Within that pocket sits another pocket. This one providing something of an inverse environment-effect relationship. The Wellness Institute and Research Center is based primarily around two programs; T.E.M.P.O., for individuals with known cardio, pulmonary and metabolic issues, and Forever Fit, for individuals over 55 who have not experienced the aforementioned ailments. 

And while the former program has kept patients from returning to the hospital through a focus on cardio exercise, and the latter upright with their balance based workouts; some of the greatest benefits happen in between sets. So while college students come to the Center for a fitness break from their non stop social and scholastic lives, WIRC patients cherish the social network that comes with their workout classes. 

The communal stimulation is as valuable as the physical for these members, but that doesn't mean they take their workouts likely. Exercise has proven an effective medicine against the diseases that regularly target the elderly. 

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