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Average gas price up 15 cents in parts of Hampton Roads

Gas prices continue to surge across the nation and the state

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. — The average price of gas is up 15.3 cents in just the past week for Virginia Beach residents, and prices could go even higher.

"You just never know what prices are going to do, it depends a lot on the high demand we are currently seeing," said Ryan Adcock, with Hampton Roads AAA.

According to a GasBuddy survey, prices are 40.1 cents higher than a month ago and 24.1 cents than a year ago.

Adcock said this is due in part to the unusually high travel Hampton Roads is seeing.

"Knock on wood we have not seen any major winter storms, and so people are continuing to travel in high demand," said Adcock. "If the situation changes, this could impact travel."

There is also the price of crude oil to consider. On Monday, crude oil cost roughly $77 per barrel, which makes up about half the price paid at the pump.

Regardless, some Hampton Roads residents said they have little hope that there could be a price decrease in the coming months.

"I have lost all hope at this point," said Marcus Benjamin Giltner, a Virginia Beach resident. "I hope it comes down of course, but at this point, anything could happen."

Adcock said prices could possibly increase if the conflict between Ukraine and Russia continues to escalate. 

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