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Travelers leave Norfolk after days of Amtrak cancellations

Some travelers planned to leave Monday but a winter storm caused Amtrak to cancel several trains.

NORFOLK, Va. — The sound of the Amtrak train rolling down the tracks is a relief for many travelers at Amtrak’s Norfolk Station after days of cancellations.

Walter Haskin is one of many people who planned to leave Norfolk on Monday, but the winter storm delayed his trip.

“I’m trying to get home so I can take care of my business and go back to work... but this is what you got to deal with,” he said.

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He and other travelers, John and Rene, took the same train north but the train turned around from Richmond due to downed trees.

"They backed the train up," Haskin said. "We sat out there for almost six hours.”

They all tried again Tuesday.

“Yesterday’s train 94 was also canceled," John and Rene said. "That was canceled on our way here, about a quarter of the way here which we came all the way here from Franklin.”

Amtrak also canceled Wednesday’s 6 a.m. train.

Amtrak canceled a number of trains along the northeast Wednesday due to ongoing weather conditions.

“We couldn’t get in at all," Rene said. "Everybody’s freezing and no restrooms. So here we are.”

Those frustrations came to an end hours later when another train rolled in. Dozens eagerly hopped aboard, ready to finally start the ride home.

Amtrak officials say temporary service adjustments are in place between Norfolk, Washington, D.C., New York, and Boston. They advise you to check your train status frequently as things are constantly changing.