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How to Prepare Chickens for a Hurricane: Don't Just Wing It!

If part of the family includes backyard chickens, be sure not to leave them out of your hurricane preparedness plan!
Credit: JasonJiron
Two Chickens in a Backyard

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WLTX) — Food is stocked. Water is ready. Even the dogs have their emergency kits set. What about those chickens in the backyard? It's time to hatch a plan!

First thing is first. Make sure you have more than enough feed and water for your flock. The Chicken Chick says to store it all high above the ground in a dry, flood-proof area.

While you're at it, make your chickens their very own emergency kit!

Have enough room in the house? Then it's best to give the chickens their own little place to ride out the store. Animal crates and cardboard boxes do the job, but you also could convert your bathroom using a tarp and pine shavings.

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If inside isn't an option, it's best to prep your coop so it's as secure as possible before the storm hits.

Some tips from The Chicken Chick:

  • Strap down the coop
  • Inspect for anything loose
  • Remove movable objects
  • Unplug electrical power and water
  • Secure all windows and doors
  • Brace weak walls
  • Install hurricane straps

Don't forget to clear the area surrounding your coop to help diminish any wind damage. And, of course give your chickens a good check after the storm!

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