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'Everybody's out there looking for it' | Roaming peacock in Chesapeake becomes talk of the town

As of Thursday evening, officials with Chesapeake law enforcement said the origins of where the exotic bird came from are still unknown.

CHESAPEAKE, Va. — Sometimes it’s life's unexpected moments we remember most, like an unusual visit from an unusual guest.

“I parked really quickly, got out of my car, went up to it. Very skittish," said resident Hannah Mogilnicki. 

“There was a woman driving by and she was like, 'Can you take a picture please?' Everybody was super excited about it," Hayley Calcich said, who works at the Chesapeake location of Gourmet Gang. 

“Everybody’s out there looking for it now," Chesapeake resident Paul David said, walking his dog Rusty. 

Chesapeake residents may have heard by now: a peacock is roaming free around the city. Yes, a peacock.

Officials with Chesapeake Police Dept. confirmed as of Thursday evening, the peacock still hasn't been recovered, and its origins are still unknown. A possible sighting was reported to Animal Control off of Tupelo Crossing, but the bird is still roaming free.

Mogilnicki was one of those who first spotted the exotic bird on her way to work last week when it was hanging out behind a row of shops and businesses on Volvo Parkway.  

“It was tall, had a royal blue color, had its feathers down, so it wasn’t showing its feathers," Mogilnicki said. 

Now miles away and days later, the bird has since been spotted in the River Walk neighborhood of the city. It's become the talk of the town, as videos and photos of him are now circulating online among local Facebook groups and community apps 

“We do have some wildlife off the Elizabeth River. Various birds, bald eagles, deer, but even really rare is the peacock," resident Ken Schmitt said. 

“Something to do during COVID, really takes your mind off things," David laughed.