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Daycares offer help during coronavirus outbreak

From unemployment, to overworked, people are experiencing a wide range of changes during this pandemic and some daycare centers are stepping up to help.

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. — Childcare Network has 270 facilities nationwide, two of which are in Virginia Beach.

The organization’s vice president said they’re enrolling new families right now, like parent Jessica Rucka.

Rucka works at an OBGYN's office in Hampton Roads, so she and her co-workers are considered essential, even though she has three kids who need her too.

"I have employees right now I struggle with coming to work every day,” said Rucka. "I am extremely fortunate because like I said one, I have a job. Two, I know I can come to my job because my kids have a safe place to go every day."

Jamie Rechkemmer, the vice president of education, said even though some parents have pulled kids out of daycare, for various reasons, they've seen an increase in essential workers asking for Daycare.

In fact, the Virginia Beach district manager says there are between 60 to 70 families who enrolled over the past few weeks. Her staff is working hard to make sure the environment is as safe as possible. 

"They are so committed and so driven and so conscious about this responsibility that they have,” said Rechkemmer.

That means applying changes in their protocol like having parents drop off kids in the lobby. Also, staff members increased sanitation inside the building.

In addition, daycare workers take the children's temperatures every day, and of course, there are no more than ten people in a classroom space.

"All of the practices that have been recommended for infection control, we have put in place and are diligently adhering to those practices each day,” said Rechkemmer.

The daycare is also asking parents are asked to take children home if they are sick. That being said, Rechkemmer said the kids are getting the love and attention they need while in their care and there's room to help more families like Rucka.

"It's nice that while other people are having to sacrifice their job at this point, I'm not having to because I have reliable childcare,” said Rucka.

To enroll, call Childcare Network at 866-521-5437 to inquire about availability.

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