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Couple from Suffolk creates marijuana containers to prevent 'open container' law violations

Ronald and Sarah Morton's company designed containers that lock in order to prevent people from being charged with having an "open container" of marijuana.

SUFFOLK, Va. — Ron and Sarah Morton are making it their mission to offer products that protect and marijuana consumers and promote cannabis safety. 

The duo recently created LOCKGREEN™, a Black-owned company that sells marijuana containers that are designed to prevent people from being charged for having "open containers."

This container is the first product LOCKGREEN™ is offering and it comes in two sizes. Both are lockable, smell-proof and water-resistant boxes that hold cannabis. 

According to a news release, the lock provides the type of seal needed to avoid "permissive inference" which is the assumption a judge or jury makes that a person has been using marijuana due to the presence of an open container.

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Each box comes with a limited-edition design that "highlights the aspects of marijuana legalization that consumers care about: social justice, natural medicine, economic opportunity, and personal freedom."

The small box costs $44.99, and the larger box will sell for $54.99.

The Suffolk duo said they want to protect consumers.

A second goal of LOCKGREEN™ is to educate the public on Virginia's laws and eliminate the stigma surrounding marijuana.


Ron and Sarah's motivation to start their business came from the fact that Black people are 3.6 times more likely to be arrested for marijuana than white people. That's according to an ACLU study.

Both have been supporters of the legalization of marijuana for years. Ron worked in the legal cannabis industry for more than 10 years in Colorado, Maryland and Virginia. 

Sarah has moderated events regarding marijuana and sits on the Board of Directors for Virginia NORML (National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws). 

You can currently pre-order the boxes on the LOCKGREEN™  website, here.

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