VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. — A Florida man accused in a murder scheme targeting his estranged wife was denied bond in court Wednesday.

Henry Herbig was paralyzed during the Sept. 8 incident on Bunsen Drive in Virginia Beach.

In court, prosecutors revealed new details of the crime, suggesting Herbig had a well thought out plan to murder his estranged wife. However, it was botched.

Allegedly armed with a gun, wrench and wooden baton, Herbig's plan fell apart when police said the woman's adult daughter shot Herbig in self-defense.

The State said Herbig drove from his home in Pace, Florida towing a second car loaded up with garbage bags, duct tape, zip ties and extra gas so he wouldn't have to stop. He also only used cash.

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His idea, prosecutors said, was to make the incident in the quiet suburban neighborhood look like a robbery.

Herbig's attorney argued to release him Wednesday, saying the Virginia Beach jail can't meet his medical needs.

The Commonwealth countered by saying he's wealthy with connections, and is a flight risk. The judge agreed and denied bond.

However, the judge said she will reconsider if Herbig and his attorney come up with a solid plan on where he would stay if released.