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Family, detectives hope for new leads three years after mother went missing

Three years after Kathryn "Bene" Griffin went missing, detectives and her family hope to find information that will lead them to her.
Kathryn "Bene" Griffin went missing in January, 2012.

PORTSMOUTH -- "I miss my mom, and she missed out on a lot of my birthdays, and a lot of events that happened with me in school, and things like that," William Perry said.

Perry, now 11, was eight years old when his mother, Kathryn "Bene" Griffin disappeared.

He, his sister, and his grandmother stopped to see her at Perry's Cutz January 7, 2012. Griffin worked at the barber shop, located on Victory Boulevard.

"Last thing she said to me was that she loved me, and she loved my sister, too," recalled Perry.

"I don't believe in my heart that my daughter -- today -- has gone on and just say forget here family, forget her children. I don't believe that," Linda Archie told 13News Now. "Sometime, I think maybe somebody did something to her -- pray for I hope not -- you know, and if so, she didn't deserve that, and if somebody did, why don't they just let us know where she is, so, you know, we can go and get her?"

Archie acknowledged Griffin had some issues with drugs, but added she was extremely active in her children's lives.

Detectives worked every lead that they had, but there was and is no trace of Griffin and no idea what happened to her. Someone at the barber shop told them that she left the business on a bike, days after her children and mother saw her.

"If I had a million dollars, I would give it up right now to bring her home," said Archie. "She is loved. She is wanted back. We just want her back home."

"I'd tell my mom that I do good in school. My behavior's good, and I play the viola," 11-year-old Perry said. "If she comes back one day, I would like to play for her."

The lead detective on the case, as well as Griffin's family, hope that by revisiting her story, someone finally will give police a piece of information that will lead them to her.

Anyone with information can remain anonymous by using Crime Line. The number is 1-888-LOCK-U-UP.