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Mosquito companies buzzing with business amid pandemic

Experts told 13News Now, mosquitoes so far aren't as bad as in years past. The cooler weather can be thanked for that.

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. — COVID-19 might not be the only thing taking a bite out of your summer: mosquitoes are back.

“This year has been steady for us. I wouldn’t say that we’ve seen a huge uptick in business but we’ve been steady, even though the pandemic,” explained Dean Ives, owner of Mosquito Squad of Hampton Roads.

Bugs know no pandemic, and that is keeping Ives’ business buzzing. The pests are out there, but Ives said there is not as many this year.

“It’s just been cooler so we don’t see that breeding cycle nearly as quickly as it is when it gets warmer,” he explained.

Ives said the weather conditions could change as fast as a bite can happen.

“We are expecting to see that very soon. So far, we’ve been fairly normal but again this much rain and the heat coming soon brace for it. It’s coming,” Ives explained.

Suffolk Mosquito Control Superintendent Charles Abadam said crews are still spraying in Suffolk and setting traps to check for mosquitoes that may carry diseases.

“Mosquitoes have a way of balancing back and using the environment in a way that uncannily. They are able to exploit all types of habitats,” explained Charles Abadam.

For people wondering if mosquitoes can spread coronavirus, the World Health Organization confirms the coronavirus cannot be transmitted through mosquito bites.

With all this rain this week, experts said to make sure you check around your home for standing water. If you can, dump it out so mosquitoes don’t have a spot to breed.

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