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Court hearing reveals new details about failed elevator inspections at condemned SeaView Lofts apartments

Failed safety inspections forced out hundreds of residents of the SeaView Lofts apartment complex in Newport News more than a month ago.

NEWPORT NEWS, Va. — New details emerged Monday morning about the still-condemned SeaView Lofts apartment complex, after weeks of repairs and progress didn't stop the building's elevators from failing inspection again.

Hundreds of residents were forced out of the Newport News apartment complex more than a month ago due to numerous failed safety inspections. 

Testimony inside Newport News Circuit Court on Monday revealed temperature control and air conditioning problems with the machine room that controls the building's elevators, leading code officers and inspectors unable to even fully test the elevators.

Crews also noted the extreme heat is one of the reasons the elevator system's mechanics can't work the way they should. Friday's inspections also revealed a new source of leaking water from the 15th floor of the building.

A judge ordered the owner to pay for a 5-year elevator test. It's a test that itself only takes a day, but it doesn't offer any insight into when residents can go home.

“It's made to seem like it's your fault, and we can’t be held responsible because the court put you out," Nathan Robinson said, a SeaView resident who still hasn't found a permanent living arrangement after the city's temporary hotel stays expired.

The judge set a new hearing date for this Friday, August 5, but made clear to the owner's attorney that he wants the owner physically present in the court room.

"I want Mr. Weinstein here," he said.

So far, only his attorneys have appeared in court.

City officials in court also mentioned a "new manager." 13News Now confirmed through a city spokesperson that to their understanding, the most recent property manager of SeaView Lofts decided to leave.

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