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Oh, baby! Corolla Wild Horse Fund announces birth of second foal of 2020

Welcome baby! Alma is the second foal to be born in 2020. The first foal was a male name Arturo.

COROLLA, N.C. — The Corolla Wild Horse Fund welcomed the second foal of 2020!

The little one, who was born about a week ago, is named Alma. That means soul in Spanish.

The fund made the announcement on Facebook Saturday.

They said it was tricky but were able to observe the foal from afar and determine it is female.

"This is the first foal for mom Orlanda and both are doing well!" they said in the post. 

"Her father Rambler is very attentive, and she’s got lots of aunts to look after her too."

The first foal born in 2020 is baby Arturo. He was born around the end of March. Arturo's mom is North Star and dad is Corr.

Foals born in 2020 will be given an "A" name in honor of Amadeo. He was a wild horse known as the "king of the beach" in the Outer Banks. 

He died at the age of 40 at the beginning of March.

The Facebook post has more than 7,000 reactions and more than 2,000 shares!

Some commented about Alma's beautiful black hair.

"She's a little beauty!" one commenter said.

"She’s beautiful! I miss OBX but I’m glad the horses are having freedom from people on the beach," another commenter wrote.

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