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11-year-old Virginia Beach skateboarder McCauley Hoover is taking her game to the next level all on her own

McCauley Hoover is a competitive skateboarder and at just 11- years old she's already hit a career milestone setting two world records.

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. — Not many 11- year olds can say they're in the Guinness Book of World Records. But of course, McCauley Hoover isn't like most 11- year olds.

There's not much McCauley isn't willing to try. Surfing, swimming, Jiu Jitsu, skateboarding -- you name it and McCauley has probably done it. It's that same curiosity and fearlessness that's turned many heads in the world of skating. 

"It makes me feel free and like I'm flying," McCauley said about skateboarding. It makes sense. After all, if she had one super power McCauley says she wishes she could fly. 

In that case then just call McCauley, Super Girl. But unlike superheroes, McCauley doesn’t hide her identity. In fact, she was out skateboarding every single day in 2022.

"I plan to do the same in 2023. Everyday I just try to learn new tricks and improve."

She may not be saving the world but McCauley is setting world records. It all started with a little bit of research. 

"I looked up the frontside and backside grind record and I thought to myself, 'I could probably break that.'"

And a little confidence went a long way. The 11 year old came up with the idea all of her own, gathering official timers, and skateboard professionals and witnesses to track her progress.

"It was pretty crazy to have all of them there for me." 

With a total of 34 backside grinds and 33 frontside grinds each in one minute, McCauley recently reserved a spot for herself in the Guinness Book of World Records. 

With dreams of being a professional skateboarder, this Super Girl's catch phrase is simple.

"I don't really think; I just do." 

And it seems to have gotten her pretty far even though this is only the beginning. 

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