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Southside Hampton Roads preps for main snow event expected

Some snow built up on grass and parked cars but not on roads. Friday night might paint a different weather picture.

CHESAPEAKE, Va. — While the Peninsula had snow, the Southside had more rain on Thursday evening. Some snow dusted on grass and parked cars, but it didn't coat roads.

However, 13News Now did talk to shoppers and public works crews who took time to prepare for the snow expected to come late Friday.

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Many decided to head to the grocery store Thursday night, stocking up before the brunt of the storm.

"We've got to pack up before this big storm coming," said Terri Wasson of Chesapeake. She and Kathy Foster were among the shoppers at Kroger on Sentinel Drive who faced some empty shelves.

"But as far as the lines, they aren't bad, because they had all their registers open. So we got in and got out," Wasson added.

In Virginia Beach, General Booth Harris Teeter stayed stocked on Thursday. 

Levels fluctuated at the Harris Teeter in Norfolk's Ghent neighborhood, but routine shoppers like Debra Higgins still got what they needed.

"The shelves were more bare, but that's because it's going to snow supposedly. It brings out the anxiety in everybody, but that's not why I'm here," said Higgins.

13News Now meteorologists said rain could change over to snow in some parts of Hampton Roads in the overnight hours Thursday to Friday. 

Back in Chesapeake, Public Works Director Earl Sorey said operators already pretreated major bridges and will work to spread salt on roads once snow pushes in. 

"We'll continue to do that then as we get to like, say, two inches and more of snow, we'll start those plowing operations," said Sorey. 

Snow is expected to accumulate late Friday into Saturday morning. Much of the viewing area is expected to get two to five inches in total, with three to five inches predicted in Southern Virginia Beach, Southern Chesapeake and Northeast North Carolina, according to 13News Now meteorologists.

"We plow based on priority, so we're going to do emergency routes, major thoroughfares, providing access to the hospitals and other medical facilities. And then, it goes from there to our primary routes and some of our secondary roads. From a resource standpoint, we simply will not get to neighborhood streets," Sorey added. 

13News Now also checked in with Portsmouth Thursday night. A spokesperson said their crews are ready to respond and are working around the clock, too. 

Moreover, because of the winter forecast, Friday's trash collection in Chesapeake is postponed until Monday.

And in Portsmouth, Friday's trash collection is canceled. They're working on rescheduling to another date and will announce that soon, according to the city spokesperson.

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