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Animal shelters receiving some pets adopted during pandemic

According to officials in Danville, some people say they no longer have time to care for the animals as they return to work.
Credit: New Africa - stock.adobe.com
Volunteer with dog at animal shelter outdoors, closeup

DANVILLE, Va. — The easing of the coronavirus pandemic has prompted some people who had adopted companion animals to drop them off at animal shelters. 

The Danville Register & Bee reported Friday that some people say they no longer have time to care for the animals. 

Others have lost their jobs and can no longer afford to take care of them. And some people have moved into new homes that don't allow pets. 

"We have seen an increase in owner surrenders," Brent A. Weinkauf, Director of the Pittsylvania Pet Center, told the newspaper. "There are many contributing factors for the increases."

The COVID-19 pandemic shut down had left many people stuck at home. Some turned to pets to keep them company. But now that many people have gone back to working in an office, they can no longer provide the care and attention the animals deserve.

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