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FRIDAY FLAVOR: It's time to get fit at FIT BAR

We take you to a local spot where food and fitness go hand in hand.

NORFOLK, Virginia — Sunshine Swinson opened up a fresh food and juice bar five years ago after losing a friend to breast cancer.

 "I started finding juicing, I started working out. I lost roughly about 68 pounds and it kinda changed my life. I went on a quest to change others so from there 'FIT BAR' was born," said Sunshine.

"We do fresh-pressed juices. We do amazing smoothies. We're a full-service vegan and keto cafe as well. You can come and get all your nutrition and then on the other side, you can work out with us as well. All of our classes are always free."

The produce and meats all come from Virginia farmers and the knowledge behind the product is what makes "FIT BAR" so reputable.

"A juice can go to your bloodstream almost immediately so if you have a headache or your feeling sluggish and you just need that quick pick me up, a juice is best. "

Sunshine thinks back on her childhood and wishes she knew then what she knows now.

"It was a reward to get an extra box or bowl of cereal growing up. I wouldn't be a child that suffered from obesity, who grew into an adult who now suffers from obesity if my parents knew different so I'm on a quest to ensure that no child has to grow up like I did," she said.

FIT BAR has two locations: one is located inside of Military Circle Mall and the other is in Portsmouth on Tyre Neck Road, next to Planet Fitness.

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