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Meals tax cut goes into effect in Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach has suspended its meals tax for the months of May and June, but what does this actually mean for local establishments?

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. — "I've never seen them waive the meal tax at all. It's exciting. We're in a new day." 

That's Zoe's Seafood and Steakhouse partner Marc Sauter. He's held that post for 12 years, and this is the first time he can remember the meals tax being waived. 

On those grounds, it's a sizeable gesture from the city toward its restaurant owners. Sauter agrees, citing the two-month timeline as substantial. 

Patrick Edwards, owner of The Stockpot, and Michael Mauch, owner of Harvest, are more hesitant. 

"Everybody's appreciating that we're getting some recognition," said Mauch, before noting that his actual bottom line will not be directly affected. 

The tax money goes directly from the restaurants to the city, so it's not "something that is our money," notes Edwards. 

Still, both hope for increased business as customers become more likely to order out with the added savings. 

"What the community has already done to help restaurants, I think is amazing," says Mauch, a fact that can only be helped by this measure. 

This pandemic has forced many in the community to work together to overcome, and that will continue even with this gesture from the city.

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