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From the 757 to the 948 | Virginia commission announces new area code for Hampton Roads

Welcome to the 948, Hampton Roads. That will be the area's new area code when the region runs out of phone numbers with the 757 area code.

NORFOLK, Va. — The 757 is getting a brand new area code.

The State Corporation Commission just announced that the new area code to be designated to the region will be "948."

The North American Numbering Plan Administrator filed a request for a new overlay code in 2019 because the region is running out of phone number combinations. It's estimating numbers will run out by late 2021. 

The new 948 area code is supposed to relieve future exhaustion of phone numbers in the area.

The area started branding themselves after the 757 area code after it was created in 1996 when the region split off from the 804 area code.

Under the commission's relief plan, the 948 area code will be phased into the existing 757 area code region. Existing phone numbers with 757 as the area code won't be changed.

The change will not impact a nine-month initiative by the Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce and other organizations branding of "The 757." 

Virginia Beach Council member Michael Berlucchi explained changing areas code could be a good problem.

"It's a reflection of growth. It's a reflection of the enhancement of our economy and our population," said Berlucchi.

Joash Schulman is one of the researchers for the project, who said they interviewed thousands of people. 

"Especially young people don't view '757' as a number. They don't view it as an area code. They view it as identity," said Schulman.

The SCC held a series of public hearings in the region last year before agreeing to the findings of a hearing examiner with the timeline for when phone numbers in the area would run out.

What happens now is the implementation of a 13-month schedule to transition the region. Under the plan, there will be a six-month period where calls within the 757 number plan can be used with either seven or 10 digits. This is to make it easier to educate people without having calls impacted prior to the 948 code assignment.

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