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GIVE LOCAL 757: Friends of Norfolk Animal Care Center

The group supports the efforts of the city's animal shelter. You can help the organization reach its $8,000 goal for Give Local 757.

NORFOLK, Va. — A Norfolk group is helping a city animal shelter make a difference in the lives of homeless pets.

"Friends of Norfolk Animal Care Center is the fundraising arm for the Norfolk city shelter," said Tammy Dodson, who serves on the group's board.

"It just started with a bunch of animal lovers, and it just grew with more... it gives me goosebumps... it grew with more animal lovers," Dodson said. "Animals need extra-special surgeries or extended care or if we're crowded, we need foster care, and we can help support those efforts."

Jennifer Held is bureau manager at Norfolk Animal Care Center (NACC). 

"Any stray that is in Norfolk, this is where they come," Held said. "We have four chickens right now. We have dogs, cats; we've had 30 iguanas at one point."

"We obviously try to provide the best care here at the shelter -- medical care, especially," Held said. "But sometimes, we do have those cases that it's more $1,000, $2,000. And that's where 'Friends' will jump in and help us get the best care we can."

Dodson said many animals arrive at the center injured neglected and mistreated. 

"I know firsthand that they see a lot, and some of it's a little tragic," Dodson said. "They try their darndest to not euthanize anyone, anything. We wanted to help offset that in some way, to where we don't have to euthanize one more animal.”

NACC could always use items like toys, blankets, and cat and dog food for their food pantry. Visit the center's website for more on in-kind donations.

Check out the center on Facebook to learn more about volunteering, fostering, and viewing adoptable pets.

Through Give Local 757 you can help Friends of Norfolk Animal Care Center reach their $8,000 goal as well as many other organizations that give back to our area. Click here to donate now through May 10.

Nonprofits still have time to participate ahead of the big day. Click here to sign up.

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