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Crews clean up SITW festival site while some attendees return to search for lost, stolen valuables

Something in the Water brought thousands of people to the Virginia Beach Oceanfront. That's where so many people either lost or had something stolen.

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. — Several hours each day for a three-day festival with thousands of people, vendors, activities, music, dancing...yes, you're bound to lose a thing or two.

Something in the Water festival had a "Lost and Found" booth throughout the entire weekend. However, festival workers took time Monday morning into the afternoon to meet with people looking for their lost items. 

They also helped make sure people didn't leave their belongings behind in the lockers.

"When we were leaving. There were so many people and so congested," said Neah Hubbard who got in line at 6th Street entrance to get her belongings. "It was hard to get to my locker when everyone was exiting, so I did wait until the concert ended." 

Hubbard joined a line of people Monday morning to make sure she didn't leave behind the merchandise she bought for her family and friends. 

"I have a lot of awesome, awesome merch, and I want to make sure I get that!" Hubbard laughed.

Construction crews, metal clanking, and trucks moving through the sand were all sounds people from near and far could hear from the Virginia Beach Oceanfront as crews cleared out the aftermath of the festival.

In addition to the Lost and Found booth, people were able to find their lots items in the Something in the Water app under the "Lost and Found" tab where festival workers posted photos of wallets, phones, keys, and more. 

"I think it's pretty helpful in getting people their stuff back probably quicker than they would've gotten it back before," said Jonathan Graffius who also got in line to get stuff out of his locker. "It also saves people time who didn't know if it's at Lost & Found or not."

However, many others aren't so lucky to just show up and find their items in the care of the workers.

A man in line tried finding his iPhone he lost during the festival. Another person said she had her wallet stolen.

On social media, other attendees posted, saying someone stole their wallets or their phones. One person wrote online, saying someone used her credit card at a 7-Eleven and another store before she froze her credit card transactions. 

13News Now reached out to Virginia Beach Police about reported stolen items during the festival. Last we heard Monday evening, a spokeswoman was looking to get the numbers. 

If you believe someone stole something from you during the festival, you are asked to file a report with Virginia Beach Police.

The Lost and Found pick-up at the 6th Street entrance ended at 2 p.m. Monday, but you can still search for your lost item on the SITW app. 

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