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Uncle Dave's Kettle Korn in Williamsburg wins over hearts and taste buds one handful at a time

The store started small at the Williamsburg Premium Outlets. Now, it proudly serves more than just Williamsburg and Hampton Roads.

WILLIAMSBURG, Va. — Editor's note: This story is a part of our Friday Flavor series.

David Tuftee was ready to retire after having success as a businessman, and then he felt a craving to make kettle corn. He worked for months on the perfect kettle corn recipe and then decided he wasn't done being a businessman after all. 

"First and foremost, we prayed about it, we honored the Lord in it, and he opened all the doors," Tuftee said.

Uncle Dave's Kettle Korn started small at the Williamsburg Premium Outlets. Now, they proudly serve more than just Williamsburg and Hampton Roads. 

"I don't do any marketing. It has grown on its own, and the Lord has opened the doors," Tuftee said.

Tuftee has mastered his recipe and is selling more than just the original flavor. 

"We're always coming up with new ideas, new flavors," he said. 

They serve flavors like Dill Pickle, Blue Raspberry, Birthday Cake, Salt'n'Vinegar, Chicago Style, Churro, Buffalo, and a Williamsburg blend. If you don't want popcorn, they have pork rinds too! The pork rinds also come in different flavors. 

"We get people to try it, and we say if you don't like it, throw it out, won't hurt my feelings. They don't get twenty feet and come around and turn back and get in line," Tuftee chuckled, thinking about his customers. "They say, well, I've never had kettle corn like yours before," he nodded with pride. 

They take pride in their popcorn, ensuring it's fresh and served perfectly daily. "The oil we cook it in, the temperature we cook it at, alright? All those combinations make it the flavor and taste of what it is," Tuftee said. 

The attention to detail now has Uncle Dave's Kettle Korn catching on across the nation. "People tell me all the time they come from DC, South Carolina just to get our kettle corn, and I'm always so amazed," Tuftee said.

And it's not just people traveling to them. They are starting to franchise across the country as well, "We are now all the way from Lancaster, Pennsylvania to Tampa, Florida," Tuftee added. 

The question we asked Tuftee that got the biggest response was, "Why do you keep doing it?" He got loud and said, "Oh, I love it!" and let out a large laugh of joy, grabbed his chest where his heart lay behind, and said, "It's my passion."

The main location is 5715 Richmond Road, Williamsburg, Virginia, 23188. Or you can visit the Uncle Dave's Kettle Korn website for more locations and order information. 

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