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Not giving up hope: People still searching for Codi Bigsby

The 4-year-old has been missing for 6 months.

NORFOLK, Va. — Volunteers searched areas in Hampton once again on Saturday in hopes of finding Codi Bigsby. The 4-year-old boy hasn't been seen since his father, Cory Bigsby, reported him missing on January 31. 

Cory was brought in for questioning and arrested shortly after. He ended up being charged with 30 counts of child neglect not related to his son's disappearance. 

People searching for the boy shared a similar sentiment; They won't give up hope. People have searched for Codi in all sorts of weather.

"People were searching when there was still snow on the ground. I mean, you see its 90-degree weather, we're sweating," said Cassie Stewart, one of the search organizers. "So, obviously, everything is different, and there are tons of things that could still be found."

Volunteers looked for anything that could lead them to the boy.  

Hampton Police Chief Mark Talbot said that investigators have found that there is no indication that Codi ran away or was abducted. 

Volunteers were hoping to remind people that Codi is still out there and not to give up hope. 

"We're going to continue on canvassing, bringing the word out, just to let everybody know that this child is still out here missing, said Klalil Cribbs, President of United We Stand of Hampton Roads. "We're going to continue on searching until the community finds answers, until we find answers, until we know what's going on with this child."

There will be a vigil on August 19 at 7:30 p.m. by the Codi Bigsby tribute in Hampton to remind people not to give up hope. 

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