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Transgender student policies: Where each school district in Hampton Roads stands

Transgender student policies vary from city to city across Hampton Roads. Some - but not all - require parental notification if a student identifies as transgender.

It's a hot-button issue ahead of the new school year and ahead of the upcoming election in November.

Transgender student policies vary from city to city across Hampton Roads.

Most of these policies went into effect in 2021.

Newport News

Newport News Public Schools is following the Virginia Department of Education's model policy of respect for all students. This policy -- updated by the Youngkin administration -- requires schools to report the student's gender identity to parents.

The parent would need to send in a written request for their child to change their pronouns.


Suffolk Public Schools also requires students to get a document signed by parents to use the child's preferred pronouns or gender.

Teachers also have to alert parents if their child confides in them about being transgender.


Things look different in Hampton, where teachers are not required to share a student's gender identity with parents if the student is worried about their safety at home.

That student will then be set up with a support plan.

Officials say the school division and staff will follow whatever gender and pronouns the student prefers.

Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach policies are similar: staff are required to follow confidentiality laws when it comes to reporting gender identity.

The policy also states that there shouldn't be any gender-based grouping for school activities.

The Virginia Beach School Board voted on updating their policies with Youngkin's new model policies and failed to pass the resolution; five for, five against, and one abstaining.


In Chesapeake, staff are expected to ensure a safe and supportive environment for all students. There are also gender-neutral bathrooms available.


13News Now was unable to find anything listed online about Norfolk Public School policies. However, there is a website full of information and resources for transgender students.

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