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Donovon Lynch's family calls out city manager following report his body was moved after shooting

The city manager said first responders moved Lynch after he was shot by a police officer. His family wants to know why he wasn't given emergency care right away.

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. — The family of Donovon Lynch is calling out the Virginia Beach city manager after learning first responders moved his body half-a-block away from where he was shot by a police officer, while he was still alive.

City manager Patrick Duhaney said firefighters and police officers moved Lynch to a place with more medical personnel and better lighting after an officer shot him during the Oceanfront chaos last month.

Lynch's family said they weren't aware of that and they question why first responders did that instead of providing emergency care right away.

"Why move a gunshot victim to 'additional medical personnel' and better 'lighting' instead of bringing the medical personnel with lighting to the victim?" the family said in a statement.

They also say it's troubling that the city can provide this kind of detail, but not the name of the officers involved or why two body cameras did not activate during the shooting. 

The City of Virginia Beach responded to the family's concerns, by forwarding a letter from the Commonwealth's Attorney.

He said in part, "I recognize that there is tremendous pressure put on you, as well as other members of council and city leadership, to release information ... However, I must remind you that until the investigation is complete, releasing any information at this time could hinder the process and my ability to gather pertinent information necessary to make a determination on whether we will initiate charges."

The family -- including Lynch's cousin Grammy award-winning musician Pharrell Williams -- has called for a federal investigation into Lynch's shooting.

Virginia State Police is currently handling the investigation.

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