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'This should be thrown in the garbage' | Families of Virginia Beach Municipal Center mass shooting victims react to final report

One relative said the report seemed "calculated more to defend and burnish the reputations of the people who prepared it than to help the victims’ families."

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. — Family members told 13News Now, the final report on the municipal center mass shooting didn't have a ton of new information. 

Many can't find closure because the biggest part of the puzzle - the shooter's motive - remains unsolved.

“I called her non-stop after she was shot. I have to live with that every day. I need closure and I need to see this stuff," explained Jason Nixon.

On May 31, 2019, a gunman murdered Jason Nixon’s wife Kate, and 11 other people.

"We have to keep begging and pleading for answers," he said.

On Wednesday, city leaders released the final investigation report summary into the mass shooting. It said investigators found no evidence that shed light on the gunman’s motivations.

"This should be thrown in the garbage, because you can’t tell me there is not a motive," Nixon said. “Nobody wakes up in the middle of the morning and goes, 'Gee, I’m going to shoot 12 people.'"

Bert Snelling lost his life in Building 2.

His daughter, Melissa, called the final report "laughable" and "expected." 

She posted on Facebook saying, “Thanks VB for making our wounds deeper and insulting us further! No motive? Really? Anyone with a brain can put two and two together!!!!! Maybe the state investigation will give answers. At this point my faith that any truth will ever be revealed is lost.”

Another family member of a victim, who didn’t want to be identified, said it had been a "tremendous struggle" to process the 2019 shooting.

"How do you wrap your mind around someone you love being brutally murdered during an otherwise ordinary day at work?" he asked. "It is impossible to face that and not ask, 'Why?' Why did this person choose to murder his colleagues? Why did he choose my loved one to kill when passing over others? Why didn’t the police have access cards to the entire building? Why was building security not better? Why weren’t their warning signs?"

He said the final report didn't touch any of those burning questions.

"Instead, it reads as a report card the police have given themselves to congratulate themselves on what they view as a job well done. That is deeply frustrating. I do not blame the police for being unable to determine the shooter’s motives, either in killing people at all or in who he chose to kill.”

The family member said the tone was the issue of the final report.

“Some questions cannot be answered, as heartbreaking and difficult as that is to understand. But this report seems calculated more to defend and burnish the reputations of the people who prepared it than to help the victims’ families work toward making peace with that fact, all while completely glossing over or spinning the real questions about how the police responded to the shooting."

Jason Nixon was just as frustrated.

"The city of Virginia Beach and the Virginia Beach Police Department should be ashamed of themselves," Nixon said.

Nixon said he hoped the state investigation into the mass shooting sheds more light on what really happened.

"Because of this, because it's biased," he said. "The city of Virginia Beach should have never investigated the city of Virginia Beach. Period. It doesn't make sense."

City leaders were giving family members the option to meet with them and talk about the final report. Some family members said they plan make appointments for those meetings in the next couple of days.

Nixon said his one-on-one meeting with city leaders was scheduled for March 31.