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Luria, Kiggans face off in second heated debate

The two candidates met at the Smithfield Center to go over why people should vote for them in this November election.

SMITHFIELD, Va. — The midterm elections are three weeks away and the outcome will determine which party controls the House of Representatives. 

In Virginia's 2nd Congressional District, Democratic incumbent Elaine Luria is up against Republican State Sen. Jen Kiggans. 

On Monday, the two met in Smithfield to debate for the second time.

It was a packed house at the Smithfield Center. Many supporters for both candidates came out for more than two hours and wrote out their questions for this debate in Isle of Wight County.

Many questions centered around President Joe Biden. The moderator asked each candidate if they felt that Biden won a fair and free election. 

“She’s an election denier and she will not admit that Joe Biden won the 2020 election," said Luria pointing toward Kiggans. 

Kiggans didn't say yes or no but did say this after being asked more than once.

“Joe Biden is the president and he’s destroying the country," said Kiggans. 

The community also asked their thoughts about the January 6th insurrection.

“That danger still exists for the very same reason you have people, hundreds of them, running for federal office that will not say we had a free fair election in 2020. So this is the result of what happened on January 6th. It’s both cause and result," said Luria as she pointed at Kiggans.

“January 6th was a dark day in our nation's history and those who broke the law that day should be held accountable," said Kiggans. 

Many people living in this rural part of Virginia also sent questions about bringing down fuel costs.

“For the time being, Americans are hurting. Inflation is at a 40-year high, and we got disastrous economic policies put in place by Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, and Elaine Luria. I’m here to remind you of those," said Kiggans. 

“Why would you vote for someone who’s trying to actually keep gas prices high so she can just get elected to Congress?" said Luria. 

The candidates also touched on climate change, beach erosion, immigration, and the economy.

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