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Republican Youngkin campaigns on cutting taxes on groceries

The Republican nominee for governor said he will eliminate the taxes on groceries if he wins.

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. — Republican nominee for Governor Glenn Youngkin wants to cut the tax on your groceries.

At a stop at Grand Mart International Food in Virginia Beach Tuesday, Youngkin greeted customers, telling each one of them how he plans to slash the cost of living.

"We're going to eliminate the grocery tax. We're going to save everyone some money," he said.

He's counting on federal aid money and the state's surplus to foot the bill.

The plan is part of a laundry list of tax rebates Youngkin is pushing. He said Virginians are overtaxed by $2.6 billion in one year.

"So we're going to let Virginians get a big piece of that back and declare the largest tax rebate in the history of Virginia."

It was welcomed news to customer Leon Howard of Virginia Beach, believing the plan will stop retirees from exiting the state because of growing expenses. 

"It's awesome," he said of the proposal.

Another customer isn't sold on the idea.

"He says he's gonna do it, but I don't believe it. It's going to take a while," said Denice Barnes.

While Democratic nominee, Terry McAuliffe said he too supports eliminating the grocery tax, he said Youngkin's plan will decimate funding for schools and roads.

Youngkin pushed back.

"Remember, there's been plenty of money pushed into Virginia as a result from help from the federal government and these big surplus that we're running, so we're going to have plenty of money to fund the largest education budget in the history of Virginia."

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