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Virginia Beach mass shooting victim's family ready for answers at briefing

"If everything adds up, I pretty much know most of it. I'm hoping it all comes out," Jason Nixon said.

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. — In just a few days, the families of the Virginia Beach mass shooting victims will finally know more about what happened to their loved ones. Police are set to release details of the criminal investigation.

The firm conducting the independent review will also be in attendance, but its report isn't done yet.

"I'm looking forward to it, actually" Jason Nixon, husband to victim Kate Nixon, said.

Every day brings something new in the grieving process for Nixon. This week, it was receiving his wife's autopsy report. Next week, on Tuesday, may be the biggest step yet as the Virginia Beach Police Department plans to reveal information on the criminal investigation into the May 31st tragedy at the municipal complex.

That means we will soon know more about the timeline of events and a motive.

"Emotionally, this whole thing going forward, I hope it's going to give me some answers that I'm looking for," Nixon said.

His patience is wearing thin, and although the Hillard Heintze independent review isn't done yet, he said anything is better than nothing.

"Hillard Heintze isn't going to learn anything from this briefing that they don't already know," Vice Mayor Jim Wood told 13News Now over the phone Wednesday.

The firm has a different scope, focusing on the shooter's employment history, reviewing city policy and making procedural recommendations. Wood said there's no reason for police to wait on the firm's findings.

"Police want to get their information out so the public knows as much as can be revealed," Wood said.

Nixon is cautiously optimistic about both investigations.

"If everything adds up, I pretty much know most of it. I'm hoping it all comes out," he said.

In addition to the briefing set for Tuesday, the families will be given a chance to view the inside of Building 2, where the shooting happened.

Nixon said he plans to go in, accompanied and supported by family, in order to get some closure. He said it's important to see his wife's office, where she took her last breath.


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