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Man arrested for Granby Street shooting that killed Virginian-Pilot reporter, along with two others

The alleged shooter, Antoine Legrande Jr., is also a family member of one of five women who was shot in Young Terrace last November.

NORFOLK, Va. — Norfolk police officers arrested the man who they say is responsible for the Granby Street shooting that killed three people and hurt two others in March. 

Twenty-four-year-old Antoine Legrande Jr. faces three counts of second-degree murder, five counts of use of a firearm and two counts of malicious wounding.

The shooting happened outside Chicho's Pizza Backstage on March 19, just before 2 a.m.

Twenty-five-year-old Malik Harris died at the scene; Virginian-Pilot reporter, 25-year-old Sierra Jenkins died at the hospital; and 24-year-old Marquel Andrews died from his injuries a month later. 

Investigators accuse Legrande of also shooting and injuring two other men that night. They are expected to recover, police said. 

13News Now has confirmed Legrande is a family member of one of five women who was shot in a shooting last year in Norfolk's Young Terrace, but the two shootings are not related.

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Former Norfolk Police Chief Larry Boone said the Chicho's shooting happened after an argument inside Chicho’s over a spilled drink

Calvin Harris still has a lot of questions about what happened the night his brother, Malik Harris, died.

“It’s just like, why? That’s the biggest question, why? We know when and where, we just don’t know the why," Harris said. "If I can get a chance to go talk to him [Legrande], face-to-face, man-to-man, I’d ask him why. And then I could respect that more if he can tell me why.”

Harris said he can't celebrate the arrest because it doesn't bring back his brother.

“I’m not even going to sit here and lie and sugarcoat it like everyone else would. ‘I’m happy he’s locked up.’ No. No, it doesn’t bring any relief," Harris said. "It brings justice. It gives an example to people that want to do the same thing to let them know that, yeah, you may get away for 58 days. That’s how long it took.”

Sierra Jenkins' father, Maurice Jenkins, said his family was still processing the news of Legrande’s arrest, but he was glad someone is finally in custody.

“It’s very emotional. Every part of this has just been very emotional," Jenkins said. "It’s just a relief to know they’ve got somebody in custody. I know two months in the big scheme of things, when you look back at it, won’t be a whole lot of time, but while you’re going through it, two months, it seems like forever.”

Jenkins called Legrande's arrest the first step. 

“An arrest is just the beginning of justice. Actual justice won’t be until this person goes through the entire process and gets what the system feels he deserves for his crimes," Jenkins said. 

A statement from the Jenkins family also said the following:

"The family of Sierra Jenkins is encouraged by the news that law enforcement has a suspect in custody who is believed to be responsible for Sierra’s murder. However, we remain disappointed with the lack of information that has been available to the family and the public as to the circumstances that led to Sierra’s untimely death and others who may also be responsible. This community deserves answers and more information to better inform their decisions for the safety of themselves and their family."

Meanwhile, Calvin Harris said he thinks of his brother every day.

“My brother is here with me right now, but I just can’t FaceTime him anymore, can’t call him, can’t text his phone -- he won’t text back," Harris said.

Justin Stewart, a friend of shooting victim Marquel Andrews said, “I’m glad Marquel is getting the justice he deserves."

Legrande is being held without bond at the Norfolk City Jail.

According to the police department, he was arrested without incident in Norfolk, but he did have a gun with him at the time.

Interim Police Chief Michael Goldsmith partly said, "countless hours of interviews and forensic investigation went into this case, to include following up on multiple tips," in a news release Wednesday. 

“Today’s announcement is an important first step in providing justice for the families of these three innocent victims,” Norfolk City Manager Chip Filer said in the same news release. “I want to thank our men and women in NPD for their tireless investigative work. Let these arrests show that if you commit crimes in Norfolk, you will be held accountable. If you think you will be able to get away with committing crimes in our city, you are mistaken. We will find you and you will be arrested.”

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Since March 19 and a deadly shooting inside MacArthur Center on April 2, the city has taken steps to improve safety downtown.

"It'll make people feel better, I think, that we can actually catch these people. And we're just so pleased with the police, the extra police presence that we're getting downtown and the surveillance we're getting with the security cameras. We want more of them," said Lelia Vann, president of Downtown Norfolk Civic League.

Vann also expressed interest in the addition of more permanent surveillance cameras along the main strip. 

Area business owners, such as Mike Kindle of Bonaire Custom Clothiers and Coffee Bar, said they like the extra patrols on Thursday through Saturday nights.

“When I see them out of the sidewalk, I feel much better. And in particular, when I see them interacting with local residents and local businesses. I think that’s the way to go," said Kindle. He would like to see the step up extended to other week days, too.

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